Im Back!!! Well just for this post. Turns out the previous one wasn’t supposed to be my final post. For sure, THIS is my final post on Robotics. Oh god it is so hard writing about something that is coming to an end. Why? Why must it end?Writing about the last class of robots is like writing about a dead insect. Let me elaborate on that similie. What I mean is that as if me wriitng this last post wont make a change to robotics because in other words its dead….


Now before we began the robotics session we did our typing test. I don’t even want to think about that test. It was very horrible. The idea was that Mrs. Thomsop would check how mcuh we improved from our quarter one typing speeds and boy did I do bad. I practice my typign almost everyday and I took my final test at home before I came and my net speed was 60 but when I took the test at school my speed was so much lower. I don’t know what happened to me. Not to make any excuses, the class was kind of loud during the typing test, and were having very loud coversations, and while I was doing my test I accidently kept typing my classmates conversations. I tried so hard to concentrate. I’m sure or I hope I’m not the only one who has done that.

Well so much for the train. Did I mention none of us were able to accomplish it. What happened was that as a class we first discussed this final project. In our discussion we talked about how learning the process to doing this project is too long and compleicated and will take a couple of clasess. Anyways so we decided to jus use the given program and see our results.

That’s where the problem came in. The good thing is that I wasn’t the only one; all of ninth grade and Mrs. Thompson had the same problem. For clearing sake, the project was to make all our boe bots follow each other in a straight lien. Kind of like a train. Choo! Choo! Each boe bot would be set on a certain detection range so if boe bot in front was too close the boe bot would either slow down or move back a little bit. Anyways, the goal was to make the boe bots follow each other with exactly the same amount of space between each boe bot.

Back to the problem. Well, mine just kept spinning in circles and other’s boe bots were literally having ceasures. I could litterally see them dancing.We discussed the common issue and came to a conclusion that the problem must be the resisters. Although we decided what the problem was were not able to solve the problem because many of us changed our resisters and their was no change.


You may be wondering why there are papers all around my boe bot. Well, I was wonderign the same thing when I came to class but it didn’t take me more  than a secodn to figure it out. IR Headlights is the biggest hint. Let me explain. Wel, the papers were there for the headlights to detect, hence the white color. This was how we were going to make the beo bots follow each other.


Class ended as we tested different resisters and on our boe bot. I was really expecting a better class although compared to the next class we were going to have (taking our boe bots apart) this class was like heaven.

I really don’t know how to say goodbye again, I really expressed all the goodbyes in my previous post. I hope it has been fun readings my blogs and watching my progess. Lets see what new project I take on the next time I’m writing a blog.

The sun has set

The book is finished

The plane landed
The time has come

The end has come


is over

(The return of I, Robert Frost)

I can’t even believe our robotics course is over. I had such a wonderful time in technology doing live experiments and now I’m going to have to switch to the boring desk job of excel. Honestly everyone keeps telling me learning excel won’t be that bad, but they don’t understand that it is different when you do something really awesome first and do the less entertaining stuff later. You are supposed to save the best (robotics) for last. Anyways I hope I don’t mope too much over this.

In the beginning Mrs. Thompson spent most of class discussing our goodbyes with our boe bots and final fun project for robotics. She told us about what improvement she’s making to robotics course (of course they don’t matter too much to our class because we won’t be taking robotics anymore). Although, I was kind of wondering if life would have been easier if we had some of the thing that the class next year was getting. The new class was going to get partitioned container. I mean that is just not fair. Here we are using small little plastic bags, taped with sticky tape that comes off every two seconds, which allows all our small pieces to fall out causing a big drama. Although I am jealous of some of the things that the new class may be getting, there is one thing that we have that they won’t; Mrs. Thompson. I don’t know it’s hard to imagine a robotics class without her.

Well let’s begin on what I accomplished in this class. Well nothing really. Something, but you know, nothing BIG. Today’s task was to finish a couple of challenges in the pdf. I think there were three. There wasn’t a lot of time to do the challenges but if you knew exactly how to do the challenges then they only took a second to finish. Unfortunately there was a bit of temptation involved in these challenges. You seem at the end of each challenge the pdf wrote the correct program meaning that some people didn’t even try the challenges and straight went for the answer. I did go for the answer but only after I had been stuck on each challenge for a while.


The first challenge looked so easy to me and I just couldn’t wait to start. I wrote my program right away and tested it and in my mind I was done. The mistake I made was yelling out that I was already done with my first challenge, because then everyone came to check out how my boe bot was doing, and they started to criticize my mistakes and I made a big one. First of all my boe bot wasn’t doing what the pdf required but what I thought the pdf required. I programmed my boe to only move when my hand was detected when actually my boe bot was supposed to detect my hand and then keep roaming without detecting anything else.  I know, stupid mistake

Next Chelsea and I moved on to challenge two. This was our favorite challenge. The world “chases” really excited me. Just the thought of my boe bought chasing aft6er something was hilarious. We worked really hard to finish the challenge and somehow whatever we did wasn’t working. Now by careful analysis for such a long time we were able to conclude that there was nothing wrong with our program or the position of our IR headlights. For some reason, our boe bot was not detecting the black tape and we even tried to get Hidir to fix our headlight position but they were correct so we were sort of stuck. So then Chelsea suggested maybe there was something wrong with our batteries, noticing that hers were kind of loose. I noticed mine were loose to so we both took out our batteries and placed them back in properly. And what do you know. The challenge worked. I hate batteries but then again you can’t really do anything without them..


By time I could go to the third challenge, there was only three to five minutes left in class so I decided to use the answer program in the pdf. Yes, Yes I am very ashamed of it but I didn’t want to leave class without completing all three challenges. It just wouldn’t be COMPLETE!

Well this class wasn’t fun but it wasn’t bad though. I can’t believe this is going to be my last blog in robotics. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it and watching my progress from a rookie to a less of a rookie. Next class we are going to be doing something fun, something very exciting to end our time in Robotics. I hope it’s a great finale for our course. Just a little peak for next class: we will be creating a train using our boe bots.


Today’s lesson was about Drop offs. This may be odd but the first thing I think of when someone says drop off is Finding Nemo. All I picture is Mervin leaving Nemo at the bus stop. Wow I just realized I’ve been comparing two very unlike things: robotics programming and a Disney movie about a clown fish. Weird

Anyways back to robotics, this class was good but in small increments. The odd thing was that I would accomplish something and when I would proceed to the next step something would go wrong. And then magically it would get fixed. And then five minutes later the same problem would come back and I would have no idea what to do because I wasn’t sure how I solved it the first time. And this kept happening over and over again. Thankfully by the end of class I did manage to finish the assignment though.

So basically in this drop off lesson we were programming our boe bots to know when there is a cliff, for example detecting when it is falling off a table. But that isn’t the world best example because the IR headlights detect land when something is white and when something is not white (our tables are brown) it will detect it as a drop off, and in our case, in the boe bots eyes our whole table would be a cliff.

Mrs. Thompson didn’t participate in the hands on activity today after explaining the lesson. She said her robot wasn’t reacting very well to the program and kept spinning in circles. So we were basically off by ourselves in the wilderness gathering food for survival. Just kidding. It’s actually better if the class starts to experiment the activities by themselves. It makes us become less dependant on others and more dependant on ourselves, and in my mind that is a very important skill.

This testing needed one big material, the white surface. So Mrs. Thompson did the smart thing and flipped over our white maze and divided it into four quadrants using black tape, which represented a drop off. Every time the IR detectors detected nothing (black tape) it was to back up and move in a different direction to avoid falling off the supposed drop off. To avoid crashes, the class decided they would only put one boe bot in every quadrant at a time. However, many of us ended up breaking that rule.

The best part was when we first started testing our program; mine was the only one that worked. Everyone’s, including Mrs. Thompson’s was going in circles. But then when I turned off my boe bot and turned it back on, mine started going in a circle as well. How odd, and the funny thing was everyone else’s started working (not Mrs. Thompson though).

I believe some people have magic hands. They touch something and it comes to life. Well, not literally but when there is a problem they just fix it using the same techniques you already tried but for some reasons those techniques only worked when the other person did them. Spooky. Anyways my point is that people are gifted in many ways, some normal and supernatural (possibly). Okay well this relates to class because I thought my boe bot was spinning because my IR headlights were not facing low enough and so I lowered them and still no progress. And then Hidir took my boe bot lowered my headlights to the same point I had them and Walla. Magic. My boe bot started doing exactly what it was supposed to do. It pushed back from the black tape and went in a different direction.

This class was actually a lot of fun. It was kind off the first time that everyone was gathered around the testing area together without Mrs. Thompson demanding it. I think this class has really brought us all together.

It turns out there was homework for our cycle 20 posts. Our homework was to watch a boe bot video about the motions a parallax boe bot can perform. And wow was I surprised. I had no idea it performed nine different motions. I mean, I may have witnessed all nine of the motions before but every motion on my boe bot looks all the same to me: right, left, front, back, and turn in either of these directions. I wish Mrs. Thompson had posted this when we were doing the triangle navigations because this video would have helped a lot. Either way this was sort of a review for me because we have already learned how to do all these motions. I may not have known all the names but I certainly know how to do all of them with my boe bot. It makes me so proud. These are the nine motions:


Link to the video :      

                Back to our time in class. So basically today we mostly worked on setting our detection range. You may ask what that is. Well according to my understanding it is how far a boe bot can see or detect. I learned how to change the detection range in two ways but I’m not quite sure what to call the second one.

The first way we changed our detection range was by using different resisters. Different resisters resist different amounts of current and therefore make the boe bot more or less sensitive. The problem with this is that I get confused about is whether resisting more current make sit more or less sensitive. I will consider asking Mrs. Thompson.


I have no idea what to call the second way we learned how to change the detection range. Since I will demonstrate using a snippet, for now I will just call this way of changing detections range “snippet.”If you look at the last number in the FREQOUT row, if you change that number to a specific and bigger number then the boe bot needs to go closer in order to detect something. Wow I just realized I need to learn the detection ranges topic more. I understand it but what use is it if I can’t explain it.  Einstein once said or I heard he said “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.” Maybe he is right.


Ok so it was a good class. I was able to accomplish my goals with no problem but I think I need to touch up on my reading to either learn or just refresh my memory on the terms of detentions ranges, By the way I have good news my batteries didn’t fall out today and that’s what a class that is just one of a kind.

I’m sure you have noticed my new way of writing my title. This new title was required by Mrs. Thomson and I support her completely. This title is more convenient, much easier to understand. Since Mrs. Thompson has to look over two different sections of ninth grade and each section has classes on different days it is better to have the class number and cycle number. We have two classes each cycle. The first number is either the first or second class. The second number is the cycle number. And finally I carry on with my usual way of writing the date.

Welcome Back Mrs. Thompson! What a relief to have her back. Class can go back to the way it use to be. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad without Mrs. Thompson. I think Mrs. Thompson has trained us well. Even with the substitute, we all knew what we were supposed to do and we knew exactly how to do it. That’s what I call awesome students. The good thing about our class is when any of us are confused we are able to discuss it with a partner or the Queen herself, Mavra but of course I do try to solve the problem on my own first. I wonder how the other class deals without a robotics expert.
The first thing we did was a checkup on our boe bots to see if everything was working properly before we progress in our boe bots testing. This routine is very important because you never know what changed since the last time you were in class and in fact many people needed to change or fix a lot of their parts to make them function properly. I have noticed sometimes that when I leave class at the end of a cycle with my boe bot properly functioning, and return the next cycle, the boe bot  is messed up in some sort of way. Sometimes the LEDs are not working and other times there are missing parts like resisters. Sometimes it really is a hassle sharing a boe bot with someone in the other class. So in our routine checkup we looked for the following things:

Resisters: I usually don’t but there is always a chance of using the wrong resisters, especially because the colors on the resisters are extremely small. So a magnifying glass is usually necessary to differentiate the colors. Another thing with resisters is touching resisters. For some reason when resisters touch it messes up the circuit and things don’t function properly like the LEDs.

LEDs: My LEDs usually have problem. It all started with those lousy yellow LEDs. Once I came to class and I had yellow LEDs and Asad begged me to trade my yellow ones for his red but silly me, I said no. I wish had said yes because the yellow ones corrode so easily. I practically have to change my yellow LEDs every cycle. There is another factor to LEDs: the anode and cathode. They much go in the correct pin and cannot go the opposite way, or the LED doesn’t work. I’ve dealt with this issue very few times

Others (jumpers and piezospeaker): There are usually never problems for me with my jumpers but it is sometimes hard to see which pin the jumpers should go in or should be put in when the jumpers are black. I avoid using black jumpers because they are hard to see for me even though the breadboard is white. Black just seems to get lost in all the other bright colors. I have never put my piezospeaker in the wrong pin but it is a hard process getting it on the right pins because its very hard to see which pin your about to put it on considering there is no good view. Whoever uses my boe bot in the other class switches my piezospeaker location in the wrong pins. All of class I think it is something wrong with my program and it turns out that the piezospeaker is in the wrong spot. It’s really annoying sometimes.

Then we went to our topic: IR Headlights. I like them a lot more than resisters. They are just more convenient in away. They don’t seem to get stuck to other boe bots and don’t get loose all the time. They stay in place like they are supposed to. In other words, there is no extra work required in fixing the IR Headlights unlike in whiskers which we had to tighten or detangle form other whiskers every five minutes.

While in our lesson we used a few programs to test our headlights, which basically as far as I remember, did the same things but it was very cool watching our results. Asad had a brilliant idea and went to a far corner of the classroom and pointed the laser light at someone’s boe bot and we all saw the boe bot detect the lights. How very cool. I also played around by facing my boe bot to the small blinking lights on the CPU of my computer. Every time the computer light blinked my LEDs turned on. By the end of class everyone was experimenting new tricks on how to make their boe bot detect something. It was a nice class

Again no Mrs. Thompson. I hope she’s alright because I heard she was sick but I’m sure she’ll be back with us in no time.

I have to say; today’s class was a surprise because I officially discovered that Mavra and Mrs. Thomson are one in the same. I mean first I though I was crazy but Mavra is very good at robotics and she substituted for Mrs. Thomson this class. Now that takes guts. I think she was just fantastic. I think with Mavra’s help the class could have accomplished more if they had not been holding Mavra back from going ahead in the lesson. But oh well, it could have been worse

Wait a second; I’m getting to far ahead in the story. The first thing we did was the candy challenge. We watched all the boe bots do all these amazing things. I think everyone did a really awesome job and everyone deserved some candy. After looking at some of the other peoples navigations, I felt bad and thought that mine wasn’t creative enough. I was happy with my work but I just wish I could add more to it somehow. But anyways, the goal of this project was to apply what we have and learned and I accomplished that goal completely and maybe even more.

This is my program. I know its long but its not nearly as complex as it looks.



(My gosubs are not included in the pictures because it will just make my program look very long)

I think the challenge went pretty great. I mean I think everyone’s program was very well written and really creative for that matter. I think Chelsea should win the candy challenge, because the complex songs she put into her program really showed her hard work and creativity. As for the candy, I’m concerned because none of our class got any. It’s a sad life.

Getting back to infared headlights, it was really confusing. I don’t know why though. I think it was just that it was someone other than Mrs. Thompson reaching the class. She just has that tone and detailed explanation that makes you understand everything.

First we had to take off our whiskers, and specific part but then everyone was fed up of squinting their eyes to pick out which part to take off the board and so people decided to take everything off and start from scratch just like me

First we found white LEDS and put small black caps on them  but I don’t know what they are called. These were going to be the headlights


Next we set up our bread board like this. I really had no background on this instruction so I didn’t even know why we were doing what we were doing. All I was told was that we were testing something in the debug terminal.


After we had set up our breadboard, we tested one of the headlights. We checked to see if it would detect and interruption in front of it like our hand. When our hand was in front of the headlights, the debug terminal displayed 0 or otherwise 1.

Next we added a couple more things to our bread board. I had no idea what we were doing but I kept following. By the time we had finished adding resisters to our bread board, which by the way were really hard to find, it was time to test them with a program. I truly was lost, but I kept doing what everyone else was doing so I just copied the program out of the pdf and ran it not knowing what in the world it was going to do or what I was supposed to test.


After this step, I had to leave class because Mr. Nick had instructed me to go to elementary classes to take pictures of reading week. I got some really good photos of Mr. Thompson reading to children. Before I left I told Mavra to show the rest of the steps using my boe bot instead of displaying them on her boe bot, so I wouldn’t get left behind. By the time I got back to class, class was almost over so there was no time for me to continue or learn what everyone else was doing.

I really don’t think this was a good class. Not because Mavra tought it but because Mrs. Thompson didn’t. Its just that she is best at technology and she just seems to teach it so well not that Mavra didn’t put in a really great effort. I just hope Mrs. Thomson gets back pretty soon.

The complicated program was complex I swear,
every second was needed with no time to spare,
excitement and anxiety together I could hardy bare,
but all in all I did not care,
because the challenges and I made an excellent pair.

You may not know this but along with being an awesome programmer, I am also Robert Frost (I’ve kept my identity a secret). I think what I wrote in the poem above is quite true. The program writing was complex, I needed every moment I could get, I was excited to see my final product, and I was sure I could accomplish my challenge.

This class involved a lot of running. Running to help other people and running to look for extra or missing parts for my boe bot and it was mostly looking for boe bot parts. I don’t know what it is but every class when I come there is always something wrong with my LED. Either it is missing or it just doesn’t seem to work so I have to change it every time. I always have to eliminate every possibility, like wrong pin and anode in cathode before I go to get a new one.  I really hate the yellow LEDs because they are so easily corroded and not as bright as the red ones.


I wanted to add an extra LED in my boe bot but there was no more working LEDs left so I had to cancel my best idea. I wasn’t actually sure how I was going to add the extra LED to the circuit but I was willing to try. Although now that I think about it I am kind of happy with what I came up with but of course other people’s program was nicer and seemed more creative than mine.

Mavra did a fantastic helping me and everybody in class for that matter. She is just so gifted. Any problem anyone has, Mavra always has the solution and usually the problem is only because of a silly mistake. One thing that is kind of a bad thing is that some people take advantage of Mavra calling her for every single detail even if they could figure out the problem on their own. I hope I don’t do that.

These are the navigation instructions for my boe bot. I think I did well in the time I had, although I do think I could have made my program more creative if there was more time.


If IN5 and IN7 are depressed then
there will be a freqout for 4hz
the program will pause for 20
there will be another 4hz sound
then both LEDs will turn on
it will pause
and then both LEDs will turn off
subroutine called “rest” will pause the program
after that a subroutine called “songthree” will play
subroutine called “rest” will pause the program
a subroutine called “Turn -Left” will make a 90 degrees left turn

If only In5 is depressed
the LEDs will flash the subroutine called “lightone”
subroutine “songone” will play
then the program rest for about quarter of a second
subroutine “back up” plays and boe bot backs up
boe bot will go in a circle bigger than three feet which is subroutine “bcircle”

If only IN7 is depressed
a light show called “light two” will go on
then “songtwo” will play
then there will be a 4hz freqout
the program will rest
then it will back up
and then the boe bot will do “mcircle” which is a three feet circle

If no whisker is in contact
then go forward
then the program will end and repeat

I didn’t really have any impressive songs on mine. I wanted to put classical music but just one look at Chelsea program and I didn’t want to put it anymore. Classical music is just so complicated and has far too many different notes. I took a shot at Mary had a little lamb for one of my songs but when I played it, it just didn’t sound like it but I put it in my program anyways.


I did not get a chance to test my final program so I still didn’t know whether it worked or not. I hope it does. I guess I’ll just have to be patient for next class

Today wasn’t one of those special classes where I enlighten the audience with something special I’ve learned. Today was just all about applying everything I’ve learned since the beginning of robotics and getting the best out it.


Yet another class without the Queen herself, Mrs. Thompson. The class was alright but I had so much anxiety for two reasons.

1) I wasn’t sure whether the complicated program was due next class or the one after that, either way I felt like I didn’t have enough time to test my program.

2) I had a vocabulary test after Technology class (sadly).

The complicated program was our chance to challenge ourselves by applying the knowledge we have gained in robotics. I really hope I win. Not for the candy but for myself because I really feel that I am capable of making a creative program.


First I finished my three foot circle Challenge because I just felt that  I don’t finish it I’m just leaving something I worked so hard on, incomplete. I took the first ten minutes of class to finish it. It really was a peace of cake because all I had to do was increase or decrease the pulses by 2 and add some very minor adjustments to the main program.

Since the previous class I had gotten yellow LEDS. Pretty cool. A lot of people asked if they could have them but I was too selfish and my selfishness wasted 10-20 minutes. You after I made the circle program my LEDS were supposed to light up at certain point but only one did. At first I thought it was the resisters. When it comes to resisters there are three things you can check for

1)    If they are the right color

2)    Whether or not they are touching

3)    Whether or not they are in the right pin

When I figured that it probably wasn’t the resisters I moved on to thinking that the LEDs   were in the wrong spot. After me and three other people made sure that my LEDs were in the right spot, I was stuck. What could possibly be the problem? At that very moment the LED in my head went on and I had an idea.

I went to the magic box behind Nabila’s computer that contains extra parts and tools and took switched my unworking LED for a different one. I placed the LED in the right pin and then I depressed the whisker. The Wonderful LED turned on. Turns out one of the yellow LEDs I had did not work and I had gone through so much trouble to figure that out. The dumb thing I did was put the unworking LED back into the pack. By the time I realized what I had done it was too late to do anything because the LEDs were already mixed up by then.

Next I got a piece of paper and a pencil and started making notes. In my notes I included what I wanted my boe bot to do. The first creative thing do that struck me and Asad was adding extra LEDs. I’m not so sure how I am going to it but I’ll figure it out. These were the only idea I could come up with in the remaining time but I will definitely be adding more or even changing most of the ideas.

This class was not so bad but there was nothing about it that got be excited. By now I should probably learn the fact that every class can’t be fun.

Team Hania and Team Chelsea unite once again to battle the three foot circle. To make a perfect three foot circle it takes, patience, hard work, discipline and most of all, the right about of pulses. Chelsea and I had eliminated a lot of things from our “things to change list,” in which we decided what things in our program we could change to make the circle go in three feet and not twenty. Adding a pulsecount was crossed off the list and so was number of pulses because they didn’t do anything but make our circle bigger as far as we knew.  Next on the list to test was the Variable. Neither of us remembered what the byte or word meant but we were so desperate we tried everything. When changing the variable didn’t work and we still had that big circle we were back to square one. I have no idea what it is about this circle program. It supposed to be easy but its not.

Since Chelsea and I worked as a team we were using my boe bot and computer to program and experiment.  My second thought was that maybe there was something wrong with my boe bot because the three foot circle program worked for some people. So, we decided to test the pdf program on Chelsea boe bot and guess what? Her circle was even bigger than mine.  So, there was definitely nothing wrong with my boe bot because clearly other people’s acted the same way. It was really annoying watching some people in our class because the pdf program worked for some people and so they didn’t have to go through the exhausting process of experimentation.

Then it was time for the daily ritual; battery falling time. But it was no big deal because I put them in by myself. Well not really by myself because I got Chelsea to hold my boe bot for me while pushed my batteries in. I’m really getting the hang of putting the batteries in myself.

I have learned one big thing from today’s class no matter how small something looks it’s probably very important when it comes to programming. Tazeen saw us struggling and suggested that we change the number of pulses. Of course we had already done that but then she said we should change them very minimally and maybe it would make difference. So we added 16 Pulses to the Pulsout 12 and what do you know? The circle got smaller. It was smaller than we intended but good enough to make a difference in our routine. And then the revelation came to us:

The bigger the number of pulses in Pulsout 12, the smaller the circle gets. We tested only a few more numbers and the Lucky number was 723, only seven pulses away from being a 12 foot circle (716). Since Chelsea and I had different boe bots her number was just slightly different from mine.


I was happy but I wasn’t too excited because I spent the whole class trying to figure out how to make a three foot circle and that was only one third of the challenge. Although making that program wouldn’t be so hard now that I have the key.

Chelsea and I make a great team I think. Great minds put together work like magic, a little slowly though. Even though it took so long for us to come up with this program, at least we were successful.

World War three in the robot arena caused many to lose an arm and a leg. Just Kidding, I meant whiskers, resisters, screws, bolts, and much more. Oh those poor things. Turns out, everyone’s boe bot needed some sort of tuning, extra screws, new screws, lost bolts, etc. I could tell how surprised Hidir was when every single persons boe bot had something wrong with it. I felt the same way.


My boe bot had only one thing wrong with it but that one thing led to more wrong things in the process of fixing.  The bolts that held my servos were lose. All four of them were. The problem was I couldn’t properly reach all of them because of my battery pack. So I had to take off my battery pack, which was a challenge on its own because one of the screws for the battery pack was almost unreachable. While I was doing thins almost three of my resisters fell out. I kept my resisters aside and focused on tightening the servo bolts.


When I was done with that, reattached my battery pack with the help of Mavra. What would I do without Mavra? Then I took a chance with my batteries and decided to try to put them in myself, trying to resist the urge of asking Tazeen to help me. Yay! I actually ended up attaching the boe boost myself. And then, as soon as I put my boe bot right side up, you can probably guess what happened. All my batteries fell out. I just have really bad luck. Tazeen was busy on her own boe bot so I put my batteries in myself again. They looked like they were sufficiently put in but they also looked like they could fall out the second the flipped the boe bot but thankfully they didn’t.  I’m still learning how to put them in so it’s a work in progress.


By now even one of my Led had fallen off the breadboard, so I had to go back to the pdf to look at the proper pins each material was at. Then I had another problem, which was only caused by my silliness. My LEDs were not working so being the person I am I went through my whole program about 3 times. In the end Chelsea solves my problem by telling me my resisters were touching. It’s better to here this from me than learn it by experience later on: do not I repeat do not make things more complicated than they already are because if you do, you will miss the simplest answers.

By the last 15 minutes of class I was read to go back to my three foot circle challenge with my boe bot in good shape. Chelsea and I were the only ones actually done with fixing our boe bot so we decided to sort of pair up and try to do the program together because we were both stuck on the same program the previous class.

First we figured out how to make a circle. Then we went to the pdf to see what example they gave for making a circle and fortunately the example program in the pdf for a circle was of a three foot circle. I copied the program and ran it and hurried to the circle taped area at the corner of the classroom with Chelsea. To our surprise the circle wasn’t three feet. It was absolutely huge. We couldn’t even see the boe go all the way around because the circle was too big.

Then we spent the whole class changing the number of pulses to make the circle smaller but it just kept getting bigger and when we did the opposite of what we were doing it got smaller but way less than the extent we needed. Chelsea and I decided to experiment by adding a pulsecount but that just made the circle even bigger.

Class ended pretty quickly and we didn’t get a chance to really work on my circle program because I was getting no where in my experimentation.  Hopefully next class I can accomplish a lot more than I did this time.